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Out now: Presenting design work

Out now: Presenting design work

My new book: Presenting design work is now available! About the book Do you love doing design work, but dread the inevitable design reviews that follow? Dread no more! Here is the blueprint for a winning design presentation—one that conveys confidence, communicates...

Collecting feedback: Facilitating design thinking workshops

Collecting feedback: Presenting design work

I'm writing a book called Presenting Design Work (to be published by A Book Apart) and it's at the point where I'd love to get feedback. It's only little - about 10,000 words, and should only take a few hours to read. I'm looking for people to read and give feedback...

Writing a book: Process and progress

Writing a book: Process and progress

I'm not quite sure where the idea for this book started. I have a feeling I was chatting generally about what I might write and said something like "I've done a lot of design thinking workshops this year - I could probably do something on that". The idea took hold. I...

Is the Agency dead?

Is the Agency dead?

Come join us at the next Business of Design meetup, where we discuss the topic of 'Is the Agency dead?' with 4 panellists from different types of organisation. 25 March, RXP Melbourne. RSVP and more details on The Business of Design meetup.

I’m available

I’m back and looking for interesting work – information architecture for complex content, user experience for things that make the world better, or team mentoring.

IA workshop at IA Summit 2013

I just found out that I'll be teaching my 'Intro to IA' workshop at the 2013 Information Architecture Summit. I've been teaching this workshop for a very long time now (maybe 12 years…) and at the IA Summit since 2005. So this...

Quick website refresh

I've been waiting for about 2 years to have a couple of days client-free and meeting-free. I had one of these miracle days yesterday (well, one meeting) and decided to tackle my very ugly, very old fashioned (but very usable, I'm...