A practical guide to information architecture (2nd edition)

Free for a short time!

My distributor decommissioned the book with no notice. While I scramble to get a new version online, you can download the current version free (PDF format only): A practical guide to information architecture (PDF, 7.2MB)


This book is a very practical guide to information architecture and navigation design, for website and intranet design and redesign projects. If you’re a website designer or intranet manager and don’t have a lot of Information Architecture experience, this book will help you feel more confident about your process and decisions.

The 2nd edition of this book has been re-published by UX Mastery, with only minor changes to illustrations. None of the content was updated.

Table of contents

  • Part 1: About information architecture
    • What is information architecture?
    • IA in a project
    • Who does IA ?
    • IA for non web
    • Before you start
  • Part 2: Understanding people
    • Learning about your users
    • Analysing user research
    • Communicating about users
    • How people look for info
    • How people think about categories
  • Part 3:Understanding content
    • Content you have
    • Content you need
    • Communicating about content
    • Content planning
    • Classification schemes
  • Part 4: Designing an information architecture
    • IApatterns
    • Labels and language
    • Howto create IA
    • Testing IA
    • Communicating IA
  • Part 5: Designing navigation
    • Navigation core
    • Navigation extras
    • Designing navigation
    • Testing navigation
    • Communicating navigation