User experience design.
Service design.
Design thinking.

Maadmob is a small Australian freelance/consulting design studio, run by Donna Spencer, specialising in service design, product design and user experience design.

I have well over 20 years professional experience designing complex systems and services for a large range of clients across many industries. I am a regular speaker at a wide range of local and international conferences. I have written 3 books – on information architecture, card sorting and web writing – and many articles.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and can work interstate, and internationally (remotely, or in short blocks), and locally.

I am currently working on some writing projects and am available for interesting and complex contract projects. Check out my now page for what I’m thinking about and working on.


Best of…workshop methods

(note - this is a work in progress - at the moment I'm just adding great things as I find them. At some point soon I'll be more deliberate about collecting great resources) Why workshops work Facilitating structures. Stephen Anderson Workshop warmups 50...

Best of…information architecture

(note - this is a work in progress) Content modelling In government, content modelling always needs content design, Angus Gordon, Gather Content Your company's next top model: Your ontology, Ahren Lehnert, Synaptica Knowledge graphs Knowledge graphs - 10 week course...

Best of…remote user research

Moderated remote user research Moderated remote user research is where you undertake research with people, at a distance (often using technology, but doesn't need to be more complex than a phone call) and you and the participant are doing it at the same time....