User experience design.
Service design.
Design thinking.

Maadmob is a small Australian freelance/consulting design studio, run by Donna Spencer, specialising in service design, product design and user experience design.

I have well over 20 years professional experience designing complex systems and services for a large range of clients across many industries. I am a regular speaker at a wide range of local and international conferences. I have written 3 books – on information architecture, card sorting and web writing – and many articles.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and can work interstate, and internationally (remotely, or in short blocks), and locally.

I am currently working on some writing projects and am available for interesting and complex contract projects. Check out my now page for what I’m thinking about and working on.


Collecting feedback: Presenting design work

Collecting feedback: Presenting design work

I'm writing a book called Presenting Design Work (to be published by A Book Apart) and it's at the point where I'd love to get feedback. It's only little - about 10,000 words, and should only take a few hours to read. I'm looking for people to read and give feedback...