Speaking and writing


I am an experienced presenter. I have been comfortably standing on stage since about first grade, and have been training since I was 15. Professionally, I have given hundreds of presentations and taught workshops to thousands of people.

I am even a teacher of speakers – as a presentation coach and mentor. I am currently writing a book about how to present design work and get great feedback.

I can teach a wide range of design subjects, in presentation, workshop or one-on-one form.

Check out my previous presentations and workshops, and get in touch if you would like me to present at your conference or workplace.


I am an experienced writer, author and editor. My work-related writing focus is on all aspects of digital design, especially around user experience, information architecture and user research topics.

I have written three books (on information architecture, card sorting and web writing) and a long list of articles.

Personally, I write about productivity, my creative pursuits (sewing and weaving) and about long, crazy motorcycle journeys.


A long time ago, I developed some spreadsheets/resources to help take content inventories and analyse card sort results. They are a bit old and clunky, but people are still using them. My todo list does have an item to update them, but it’s not at the top of my priorities.