Design thinking

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to decision making about business, product or service strategy. It is a popular and effective way to make decisions about what direction to take next. It is a particularly good way to involve a range of people in the design process (such as subject-matter experts, internal staff, customers and users).

I can’t do your design thinking for you 🙂 But I can help you work through it.

I can help with:

  • Mentoring you through a design thinking process – helping you with the approach, structure and activities
  • Running and facilitating design thinking workshops
  • Running other design thinking activities like brainstorming sessions, idea generation sessions
  • Helping your team create prototypes and test them with customers
  • Helping you decide which direction to take now, and what things to do later, through prioritisation methods

I know this is a bit jargon-filled, but I figure if you’re here, you already know something about design thinking. Get in touch and we can talk in more practical detail about how I might be able to help.