User experience design

User experience design is all about designing the experience that people have with a (usually digital#) product.

I have been doing user experience design since the late 1990s (before it was called that).

I have designed complex experiences for a very wide range of clients. I have taught UX in-house and at workshops for years. I created, and ran the UX Australia conference for nine years.

For your project, I bring skills and experience in:

  • Analysing complex systems, tasks and user needs
  • Planning, running and analysing design research, and communicating research findings (e.g. personas, scenarios, task flows)
  • Designing incredibly complex applications, from the overall structure and flow, to the nitty-gritty details of individual components, states and interactions
  • Documenting designs in whatever format works well for the team
  • Working Agile, Waterfall and every variant in between
  • Experience with a wide range of tools, and quick to learn new ones

I prefer to work with not-for-profit enterprises, community, local government, education and small business. For these sectors I offer a discounted rate (and I work quickly, so the price ends up relatively low).

For larger companies, I tend to work on particularly complex projects, on short projects or long.

Please get in touch to chat about how we could work together.

## UX wasn’t always about digital – it used to be really about designing the experience. However, fields and roles change and most UX roles are currently digital, with service design covering the broader experience aspects.