Presenting design work (in progress)

I’m currently writing a book called ‘Presenting design work’, to be published by A Book Apart.


The book is currently being copy-edited. That means it’s been through 2 rounds of structural edits, and is in pretty good shape.

What it’s about: The elevator pitch

For designers, presenting work to get feedback is a fundamental skill and one that we use often. However, we’re rarely taught how to do it, and learn by trial and error (often a lot of error).

Our clients need to give us feedback, but they usually don’t have the right experience to give feedback or know what kind of feedback to give.

This book addresses both sides of the presenting/feedback equation. It teaches designers how to set up to get great feedback; how to actually present their work; and how to teach clients to give great feedback.

Three main points

It’s practical. It’s short. You can literally read it, follow it and immediately get better feedback from clients.


What is a presentation

  • What’s the point of a presentation?
  • Involving other people
  • Types of presentation

Preparing the presentation

  • Goal of the presentation
  • Making sure the right participants are there
  • Plan for participants who aren’t there
  • Plan for new participants
  • Prepare your presentation
  • Rehearse
  • Planning for feedback

Presenting the work

  • Explain roles
  • Explain the feedback loop
  • Set context
  • Explain the business problem you are solving
  • Start with the end
  • Show from the user perspective
  • Don’t use designer jargon
  • Collect feedback and questions

Presentation tips

  • Present in person
  • Presenting remotely

Getting feedback

  • Collecting feedback remotely
  • When to collect feedback
  • Now
  • Later
  • Making decisions