Presenting design work (in progress)

I’m currently writing a book called ‘Presenting design work’, to be published by A Book Apart.


Launch: October 2020.

What it’s about: The elevator pitch

For designers, presenting work to get feedback is a fundamental skill and one that we use often. However, we’re rarely taught how to do it, and learn by trial and error (often a lot of error).

Our clients need to give us feedback, but they usually don’t have the right experience to give feedback or know what kind of feedback to give.

This book addresses both sides of the presenting/feedback equation. It teaches designers how to set up to get great feedback; how to actually present their work; and how to teach clients to give great feedback.

Three main points

It’s practical. It’s short. You can literally read it, follow it and immediately get better feedback from clients.


When presentations go wrong

Why present design work?

  • Presenting isn’t about you
  • Types of presentations
  • Present early and often

The audience

  • Plan for your audience
  • Prepare the audience

The presentation

  • Explain the problem you’re solving
  • Start with the end result
  • Show a person doing a thing
  • Don’t use jargon

Presentation logistics

  • Planning what to present
  • Planning the presentation format
  • Getting support: Delegation and note taking
  • Rehearsing
  • Managing the room


  • A simple feedback structure
  • Collecting feedback
  • Making decisions
  • Communicate it back