Jumping into the world of Information Architecture: This is HCD

October 3, 2020

Podcast description: 

I am delighted to welcome Melbournian, Donna Spencer, a name that should be familiar to many Information Architects around the world. Donna has over 20-years experience, and has lived and breathed the full lifecycle and has seen strategic design evolve. Donna has written 3 books ‘A Practical Guide to IA’ ‘Card Sorting’ and Copy for the Web, and as you will learn in this episode, has two more in the pipes – 

In this episode, myself and Donna speak openly about what an information architect does, something some of you may already know, but it’s interesting to hear from Donnas perspective how IA sits within the world of UX and also how it can benefit anyone in the delivery of services. Information is critical and we speak about what makes IA skills really really important in an ever-changing world.