Maadmob is a small Australian freelance agency, run by Donna Spencer, specialising in information architecture, design strategy, user experience design and training. My main services include:

  • information architecture for complex content, such as e-commerce, museum collections and any large content domain
  • user experience design for the fashion industry, wearables, not-for-profits, startups – anything that’s a bit different and interesting!
  • providing mentoring services to clients who need some extra confidence and structured learning
  • running public and in-house modular workshops on design skills

I have well over 20 years professional experience designing large websites, complex web applications and business systems. I am a regular speaker at a wide range of local and international conferences.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and can work interstate, and internationally (remotely, or in short blocks), and locally.

I am currently looking for interesting information architecture or user experience projects, full-time, freelance or consulting.

A practical guide to information architecture (2nd edition)

This book is a very practical guide to information architecture and navigation design, for website and intranet design and redesign projects. If you’re a website designer or intranet manager and don't have a lot of Information Architecture experience, this book will help you feel more confident about your process and decisions.

A practical guide to information architecture

Card sorting: Designing usable categories

Card sorting helps us understand how people think about content and categories. Armed with this knowledge, we can group information so that people can better find and understand it. In this book, Donna Spencer describes how to plan and run a card sort, then analyze the results and apply the outcomes to your project.

Card sorting: Designing usable categories

How to write great copy for the web

Learn about how writing web copy differs from other forms of writing, and how writing useful, functional and concise copy can both help persuade your readers, and also help with search engine optimization!

How to write great copy for the web