Renewing your information architecture for the real world

Taught at: jBoye Philadelphia 2014
Workshop date: May 6, 2014
The information architecture of a website, intranet or application is not a static thing. Additions and changes to content and features put pressure on the information architecture. Changes in user needs and expectations also can mean that an information architecture that initially worked well now starts to fail. The good news is that you don’t need to do an entire ‘redesign’. Instead, you can continually evolve your IA – making sure it continues to work into the future.

The workshop

This half-day workshop will explore how to evolve an information architecture. We will workshop and discuss:
  • How to figure out where to put new content
  • What to do when the IA is clearly broken
  • How too keep on top of changing user needs without doing extensive user research
  • Adding new ‘entry points’ for particular audiences or tasks
  • Doing ongoing (and easy) IA testing
  • Managing change (internally and externally) when content needs to move
  • Maintaining and communicating the IA rationale
The workshop will combine discussion, questions and hands-on activities. Notes and resources will be provided for further personal exploration. More information: Renewing your information architecture for the real world