How to (un)organise just about anything

Taught at: CMF2007. Aarhus, Denmark
Workshop date:

Have you ever spent time and effort organising content, and people still say they can’t find anything? Have you struggled to decide whether it would be best to organise by task, audience or subject? Have you wondered whether you should just follow the latest tagging trend and get users to do the work for you?If so, this workshop is for you.

In this half-day worskhop we will learn all about organising content in a digital world. We’ll discuss:

  • How does classification and categorisation work in our brain, and why does it matter
  • How can you identify potential organisation methods for your content
  • When do organisation schemes such as geography, task, audience and subject work best
  • When to use and not to use tagging
  • How to design an organisation scheme that suits your users.

This won’t be a dry, theoretical workshop. We’ll talk to each other, play some games and practice techniques.

You’ll go away with a better understanding of the fundamental principles of organisation and categorisation, a set of techniques to use on your next project and a detailed list of resources for follow-up reading.