Introduction to IA

Taught at: IA Summit 2005. Montreal, Canada
Workshop date:

This half day workshop provides a great introduction to information architecture. You will learn the fundamental principles of information architecture, as well as practical techniques that can be used on a wide range of projects. The workshop is interactive, practical and hands-on and you will have an opportunity to practice what you have learned through group activities and discussion.

During the workshop, you will learn:

  • the importance of balancing the requirements of users and business
  • techniques to gather information about the needs of your site visitors
  • the many ways that information can be organised
  • how to create a classfication or taxonomy for your site
  • the importance of good labelling to help people find what they need
  • how to design navigation methods and page layouts
  • example processes to follow for information architecture projects

This workshop is targeted to people who are new to information architecture and would like to learn the fundamentals before further exploring the presentations at the IA Summit