Information architecture: Theory and practice

Taught at: IA Summit 2008, Miami, USA
Workshop date:

This full day workshop provides a thorough overview and understanding of information architecture theory & practice. It covers a wide range of information architecture issues, including an understanding of how it fits into a project, fundamental skills & knowledge required for information architecture work and current information architecture issues. It is theoretical and practical and allow you to immediately apply ideas to your projects.This workshop covers:

  • What information architecture is and how it relates to other user experience disciplines
  • Core IA techniques – analysing content, conducting user research, card sorting and more
  • Core IA theories – classification, categorisation, metadata & labeling
  • IA structures – hierarchies, database and other structures
  • Designing navigation & page layouts
  • Putting it together in an IA project
  • Current issues in IA

The workshop is presented at the level of an ‘advanced intro’, covering the basics and also allowing exploration of key challenges and issues. The format is a combination of short lectures, group discussion and hands-on activities. Extensive notes and resources will be provided for further personal exploration.

After the workshop, the participants will have:

  • An understanding of fundamental IA concepts and issues
  • An understanding of processes and techniques often used in an IA project
  • Hands-on experience with key techniques
  • Shared skills with other practitioners

Workshop length

This workshop is best suited to a full day, but can be taught as a half day if needed.


Feedback from participants from the 2008 IA Summit:

  • “Great review of the practical activities involved in effective IA”
  • “I don’t think I realized how much I knew about this topic. Donna made it accessible and interesting.”
  • “I loved Donna’s confidence with the subject & presentatuion. The information she presented seemed trustworthy & accurate.”
  • “The activities were helpful and the presentation was good.”
  • “Great activities; structure of course, instructor were all excellent. Well laid out & taught course.”
  • “Very informative – good overview of a very large topic.”
  • “As a newbie to IA this class was very helpful in simply understanding ia and what an IA does. Great knowledge of the subject. Great real-world examples.”
  • “Very comfortable fielding questions of all kinds, with thoughtful answers.”