Information architecture essentials: Best practices for organizing your site’s content

Taught at: User Interface 14
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Few things are more difficult than trying to organize thousands (or millions) of your web site or intranet’s pages. How do you know where to put things? How will your users find the content they’re seeking?

Different users need different things. Some of your users need details while other need a big-picture overview. Some want to look things up by their role, while others want to find things by the topic. Some want to click through a logical category list, while others want to enter their keywords into a search box.

Bringing the chaos of thousands of individual pages into an organized, logical order is the purview of the Information Architect. That’s why you want to meet Donna Spencer. Coming all the way from Australia, Donna’s one of the world’s premier information architects and she’ll be bringing back last year’s most popular workshop.

Under Donna’s expert guidance, you’ll practice important organization techniques, such as card sorting and content analysis, ready to apply these on your own site as soon as you return to your office. You’ll learn how to organize critical content using proven navigation and page layout principles.

Donna will introduce you to a variety of techniques to solve hard IA problems, such as choosing good labels and matching the right organization scheme for your audiences. Once you’ve mastered the essentials of information architecture, you’ll turn the disarray of site content into a tour de force of organization and categorization. And your users will exclaim how easy it is to find things on your site.