Facilitating design thinking workshops

Taught at: UX Australia 2020
Workshop date: August 26, 2020
Topics: Design | Workshop

In this half/full-day workshop, you will learn how to facilitate a design thinking workshop that achieves great outcomes and actively involves everyone in the room.

It will cover:

  • Forming concrete goals for the session
  • Deciding on structure and methods
  • Running the workshop itself
    • Warming up the group so they’ll create great work
    • Setting context
    • Generating ideas
    • Developing ideas
    • Prioritising and selecting ideas
    • Deciding on next steps and making sure they happen
  • Running workshops generally
    • Reading the room, managing people and making sure everyone is included
    • Neutral facilitation
    • Managing time and space
    • Helping people create – craft, drawing and storytelling

This will be an online workshop within an online workshop. It will include principles, short activities and discussion.