Advanced IA – Principles & Practices

Taught at: Optimal usability, Wellington, NZ
Workshop date:

This full day workshop extends your understanding of information architecture. It will cover advanced principles and explore ways of being more effective at information architecture.

The advanced IA principles covered will include:

  • Categorisation and how it works in our brain
  • Information seeking behaviours and how to design for them
  • Designing for the ‘knowledge gap’ (when users need to learn, not just ‘find information’)
  • Choices and how people make them

The advanced IA practices will include:

  • Communicating IA, page layouts & interactions (primarily through documentation)
  • Testing an information architecture
  • Discussion of your project issues

As a way to improve your practice, we encourage you to share and get involved. In particular, we would like everyone attending to either:

  • Bring an example (or examples) of documentation – something that worked well or that didn’t (but that you learned from)
  • Prepare a question about an IA issue in your project we will share and discuss it during the workshop (feel free to contact me ahead of time if you want to discuss whether your issue is a good one to cover)