Keeping your content alive from cradle to grave

Presented at: Web Directions South 2010
Presentation date: October 14, 2010
By now we all know that the web is not a publication — that it’s a living, evolving thing. But a lot of content I see still appears to be ‘published’ once and then left alone. This talk is about what happens after content is published. We’ll talk about how to:
  • decide what to create in the first place (and what the best format is)
  • identify which content types need to be left alone, and which need to be looked after
  • revive existing content and give it a second wind
  • check your content is still working for its readers
  • put it to sleep when it is time
  • put a process in place so you can do this yourself and with distributed content creators
We’ll also discuss how this varies depending on your industry, size of site and type of content.