Communicating design

Presented at: Web Directions Design 2019
Presentation date: April 12, 2019

Design is becoming fairly mainstream, a part of many projects, and frequently discussed in the business press. But still many people think it is all about making an interface look better. Why is this still happening?

Donna believes that there are many reasons this happens. One of the biggest contributors is the way designers use jargon. We also try to sell the idea of design instead of focusing on how it can be used to solve problems. And design really isn’t one thing – it’s a broad concept with a range of techniques and approaches.

She’s in a new role where she has to teach her organisation what designers do, what problems they can help with and how they do it. And the organisation has to teach this to clients. So she’s spent a lot of time working on how to make design concepts more concrete, less jargon-filled and ultimately more understandable.