Information architecture: Just the essentials

Nov 2008: Edge of the Web. Perth, Australia

Information architecture may seem mysterious and tricky, but with knowledge of the essential elements, this aspect of your web project can be much easier. This half-day workshop will cover the essential aspects of IA. No filler, no fluff, just pure IA:

  • How classification and categorisation work in our brain, and why it matters
  • How to identify potential organisation methods for your content
  • When organisation schemes such as geography, task, audience and subject work best (and tricks to make them work)
  • How to design an organisation scheme that works for your users
  • The best navigation approach for your content

This won’t be a dry, theoretical workshop. We’ll talk, play some games and practice techniques. You’ll go away with a better understanding of the essentials of information architecture, techniques to use on your > next project and a comprehensive list of resources for follow-up reading.