Introduction to user experience design

Taught at: UX Australia 2017
Workshop date: August 8, 2017
More than ever, executives and managers are realising that the user experience (UX) of their products and services is crucial to the bottom line, and that that experience can be designed. As a result, it’s not only UX designers that are in demand — being able to walk and talk UX has become a necessity for doing business. The ability to leverage basic UX techniques is helping professionals in a range of disciplines be more attuned to their customer, more empowered to communicate, and more energised by their work. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of user-centred design. You will:
  • learn what User Experience (UX) is, and its importance in the design of products and services
  • understand what a UX process looks like, and the principles behind user-centred design
  • gain exposure to a range of UX techniques, such as conducting research, performing affinity mapping, creating UI flows, storyboards, wireframes and prototypes, and conducting usability tests
  • practice applying these techniques to the design of a product or service