A practical guide to information architecture

A practical guide to information architecture (book cover)


This book is a very practical guide to information architecture and navigation design, for website and intranet design and redesign projects. If you’re a website designer or intranet manager and don’t have a lot of Information Architecture experience, this book will help you feel more confident about your process and decisions.

Table of contents

  • Part 1: About information architecture
    • What is information architecture?
    • IA in a project
    • Who does IA ?
    • IA for non web
    • Before you start
  • Part 2: Understanding people
    • Learning about your users
    • Analysing user research
    • Communicating about users
    • How people look for info
    • How people think about categories
  • Part 3:Understanding content
    • Content you have
    • Content you need
    • Communicating about content
    • Content planning
    • Classification schemes
  • Part 4: Designing an information architecture
    • IApatterns
    • Labels and language
    • Howto create IA
    • Testing IA
    • Communicating IA
  • Part 5: Designing navigation
    • Navigation core
    • Navigation extras
    • Designing navigation
    • Testing navigation
    • Communicating navigation

Sample chapter

This is one of my favourite chapters: “Testing your IA” (PDF, 528KB). It comes late in the book, after you’ve done all the hard work of coming up with an IA. But it’s a nice standalone chapter and is a good example of my writing style and the kind of practical content in the book.

How to get it

This book was originally published by Five Simple Steps, who closed on 8 April 2014.

The book is still available from:

I was given no notice of the closure of Five Simple Steps and, as such, had no way of setting up a way to make sure the book was still available to buy direct. Until I get that sorted out, if you need a ebook version (PDF or EPUB), email me (donna@maadmob.net) – I’ll give you a link to a free e-book version. I have no copies of the paperback (except my own copy) and currently no access to more.