Card sorting analysis spreadsheet

Over the past few years I have been slowly developing and refining a spreadsheet I use for analysis of card sorts. I have used it on many projects and find it invaluable for helping me manage the data and spot patterns.

I use it to analyse results from open card sorts. I have refined it to the point where I’m happy with it, and have prepared instructions for it. The instructions and spreadsheet are completely free for you to use however you wish.


There are four files available:

Card sorting book

And check out my book on card sorting.

2 comments on “Card sorting analysis spreadsheet
  1. André says:

    I have a problem with my CatsSummary. The 41 first categories work brilliantly but the ones after won’t get a value it says #missing in the E column. But i do exist in the CatsRaw.

    Do you know what i’ve done wrong??

  2. donna says:

    Hi Andre

    If you haven’t solved this yet, two things to start with:
    – make sure you were using the latest version of the spreadsheet from the website (I occasionally find bugs and update it, though don’t think I’ve seen this problem before)
    – email me the file and I’ll take a look – I can’t figure it out from a description

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