Service design

Service design is, as it sounds, all about designing services (as opposed to products, or digital things like apps). It’s inherently multi-disciplinary, as services are usually complex, and involve interactions between customers, service providers and staff.

As such, service design projects can vary dramatically project to project.

No single ‘service designer’ will have a complete set of skills for a project. And I believe that service design is never done by one person (so, the idea of a ‘service designer’ role feels wrong to me).

The kinds of skills I bring to a service design project include a lot of experience in:

  • Running design thinking / human-centred / co-design workshops (I’m currently writing a book about facilitation for design thinking workshops)
  • Analysing complex services, systems, tasks and content
  • Planning, running and analysing design research, and communicating research findings (e.g. journey maps, ecosystem maps, service maps or other communication methods)
  • Working with teams to figure out how to use systems analysis and design research to make decisions
  • Designing a lot of services, products and digital things that support them (including in Government)
  • Agile and more traditional processes
  • Stakeholder management, including with very senior stakeholders

If you think you need service design skills or activities, even for a short time, please get in touch and we’ll figure out the best way to work together.