Product and service strategy

Are you unsure about what direction to go with for your product or service? Not sure how to make decisions about your next steps? Think you need an app but are not sure about whether you should put money into it? Not sure how to use research and data to help with decisions?

In my experience, most small to medium businesses have great ideas about things they can do – products they could create, or services they could offer – but don’t always have the experience to figure out if their ideas are good ones. Even I do this – I have a ton of ideas and my natural impulse is just to dive in and get started with the fun parts, then think about the strategy later.

Sometimes all you need is someone to talk the idea through. To be a sounding-board and ask you hard questions.

Sometimes you need to collect research – about the market, about potential customers, about where your content will come from.

Sometimes you need to put your whole team in a room and work together, use their experience, and together come up with ideas and make a plan for next steps.
If any of this sounds like you, let me know. I can help you with all of these. I can help with facilitating group sessions, running research with customers, costing out ideas and just being a consultant/mentor. I’ve been running my own small business for 20 years; created and ran a conference business for nine; and have helped a wide range of small/medium businesses (and large ones too) to make decisions.

(Now I’m off to actually make a plan for a new idea I just had. Instead of just diving into it!)