Design research

I have many, many years experience with user research and design research. I can help you with:

  • Determining what you want to get out of research
  • Writing a research plan to achieve those goals
  • Selecting methods
  • Figuring out the detail of the method, what will happen and how
  • Writing great research questions
  • Writing great interview questions (yes, these things are different)
  • Running the research, or managing researchers
  • Running analysis sessions
  • Creating useful ways of communicating what came out of research (more than just personas or journey maps)
  • Helping you understand the implications of research findings and making decisions about what to do next
  • Setting up a research repository so you don’t lose any research or customer input (and you don’t keep re-researching the same things)

My approach is all about depth and rigour. I believe that when we ask for precious time from our customers and users, we should be very careful about what we are collecting from them and truly value their contribution. We should make sure what we learn is useful for longer than just the ‘research sprint’. We should analyse carefully, and take deliberate steps to acknowledge and reduce our own biases.

My research experience

I have been researching with customers and users since 1998. I have developed research methods, taught research methods and written books and articles about user research.

Most of it is, of course, in-house. However, here are some of my publicly-available books, articles and presentations:


  • My book A practical guide to information architecture has a whole section (5 chapters) on users and user research for information architecture
  • My book Card sorting: Designing usable categories is all about the card sorting research method

Recent workshops

Articles and presentations