User experience design

The goal of this workshop is to quickly increase user experience design skills, through a fairly intense hands-on, practice-based workshop.

The workshop is targeted at user experience designers (including information architects, interaction designers, usability staff) who are relatively new to the role and people in related roles who have to do design work, such as business analysts and developers.

Skills covered

The workshop will cover the following core user experience design skills and activities:

  • User research
  • Persona development
  • Scenario development
  • Design of IA, navigation and page layouts for an informational website
  • Design of workflow and interfaces/screens for an web-based application
  • Design of a very basic mobile app or website
  • Prototyping
  • Presenting the design

Workshop structure

The workshop involves one or two days of hands-on design work, based around a design activity.

The flow of the workshop is:

  • Brief interview of the site owner (me) to discuss the activity and overall goals
  • Analyse user research (that I’ve prepared earlier)
  • Develop personas
  • Develop scenarios for informational site and application (including social aspects if warranted)
  • Design the IA, navigation and basic page layouts for the informational site
  • Design the flow and screens for the application
  • Design the screens for the mobile app or website
  • Discuss how we’d go about testing the website and application with users
  • Prepare a small part of the design using a prototyping tool (if time allows)
  • Discuss how we’d present the design to the client

Before each activity, I’ll spend a few minutes outlining the key principles (e.g. what personas and scenarios are, key IA issues, good practice interface design) though not in the same depth as I would in a theory-based workshop.

Most of the hands-on work will be paper-based.

After each activity, we’ll debrief with the whole room to share ideas and progress.

I’ll also prepare a prototype of my own and walk through my solution at the end of the workshop.

Workshop materials

As this is a hands-on workshop, there will be no theory-based workshop booklet. Instead I’ll pre-prepare a list of recommended articles and books and will add to it depending on questions raised during the day. I’ll send the completed list the day after the workshop.