Why choose me?

Why would you choose me over someone else?

High quality, appropriate results

I have extensive information architecture and interaction design and writing skills; experience with a wide range of projects (intranets, websites, business systems and web applications) and experience with a wide range of industries (government, university, e-commerce, banking, insurance).

For you this means:

  • you get the right outcome for your project – you can be confident that I do have the right experience to produce a high-quality output
  • you don’t lose money while I learn how things work
  • I can learn about your domain quickly, saving you money and project time

You get my experience

I actually have all the skills I’m selling.

I’m not combining a team’s skills to sell you my services, then offering you a consultant who has none of the skills. You get me, and you get my experience.

I play nice with others

I get along with almost everyone, work well in teams and get my hands dirty to do what needs to be done.

I also recognise that you are hiring me as an addition to your skillset. You already have smart people doing great work. I won’t tell them what to do or treat them like they don’t know what they are doing. We’ll work together to produce something great.

I’m flexible

I don’t have fancy, fixed methodologies and step-by-step approaches that I must follow. I’ll work in a way that suits you – after all, you are buying my skills, not a methodology.

Need more?

You can find out more about me and the type of work I do:

  • My bio: this describes a little more about who I am and what matters to me
  • Information architecture: organising, structuring and labelling your content, plus designing navigation & page layouts
  • Interaction design: figuring out the workflow for applications, and designing screens and how they behave
  • Writing: writing web content from scratch, or improving your existing information
  • Teaching: my workshops and presentations represent what I do and how I think

And please contact me to find out more.