Teaching, in all forms, is one of my favourite jobs. As such, I offer a range of training services:

  • Mentoring: on-the-job project-based training and assistance. Mentoring is great in situations when you know you will be OK, but would like flexible assistance to provide support and encouragement; keep you on track and give you feedback.
  • Workshops: I teach a wide range of workshops on design topics. Some are stand-alone full day workshops; some are smaller modules that can be assembled into a customised training program. All can be taught in-house or at events like conferences.
  • Presentations: I regularly present at local and international conferences.
  • Articles: In the past I’ve managed to find time to write articles on design-related topics. I hope to find more time to do this one day as I have a lot of ideas I’d like to write up.
  • Interviews: I often give interviews related to the type of work I do, for others to use in their articles or presentations. Please get in touch if you’d like to interview me.


And my books. I’ve written three books, and have at least a few more ideas up my sleeve. I may or may not be writing one (or two) right now.