Expert review

An expert review is a process of inspecting an interface, website or application with the aim of identifying possible usability issues and opportunities for improvement.

An expert review must be done by someone who has a deep understanding of human behaviours and cognition; and experience in the system being reviewed.

Expert reviews in a project

Expert reviews can be done at any stage of a project, offering different insights at each step:

  • Before a redesign process, to identify potential areas to focus the redesign
  • During a design or redesign process, to identify possible areas of concern
  • Toward the end of a project, to check that no obvious errors have crept into a design

An expert review does not replace good usability testing. But it can provide insights into potential problems at a lower cost than a usability test.


The deliverable for an expert review is a report outlining potential issues (and good aspects) with the system in question. Depending on the complexity of the application and time allowed, suggestions for improvements may be made.

When to get me involved

I conduct expert reviews in the following areas:

  • websites
  • web applications
  • internal business applications
  • Mobile applications

Why choose me

I have a very good understanding of human cognition, which allows me to anticipate many likely usability problems without watching people use a system. I have much experience doing usability testing on business systems, online applications and websites – allowing me to predict many usability issues in those types of systems.

And I’m fast – as long as I have the time available, I can do a review and write up a report within a couple of days of you contacting me.

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