Content strategy

About content strategy

Content strategy is all about planning your content over its whole lifecycle – from creation, through use and re-use, to the end of its life. It may also include governance processes such as authoring and approval.

Without a good plan/strategy, content may not initially meet the needs of its users, may not be maintained as well as it should, and may hang around beyond its time, becoming out of date and inaccurate.

Content strategy is most important for large sites, particularly those where the authors are distributed throughout the organisation.

I have worked with a range of government and university clients to help them prepare their content strategy.

Content development

I occasionally help develop content – usually within a project, not as a independent writer. This may include:

  • research, content assembly and writing
  • turning print-based content into something more suitable for the web
  • rewriting your content to improve the ability for search engines to find it (search engine optimisation)
  • content editing
  • designing content structures (see my information architecture services)
  • providing training in good writing, and good web writing

I even wrote a book about it: How to write great copy for the web