Design services

Maadmob provides a range of design services – all related to digital design (computers, tablets, mobile devices, electronic devices) and all related to the parts you can see (the website and application pages, mobile interfaces, electronic displays – i.e. I don’t write code).

I can offer any of these services as stand-alone pieces of work, or as a part of a project package. I also provide mentoring and training in all of them.

Design strategy

Sometimes you’re not sure what you need to do – you have a new idea or your current system isn’t working well. I can help you figure out what to do next.

Read about my design strategy services.

User experience design

User experience design is all about designing a digital product with a focus on how users will experience it, and making sure that experience is great.

User experience design work will often include user research, information architecture and interaction design.

Read about my user experience design services.

Information architecture

Information architecture is about design of structures, labelling and navigation approaches for large, content rich sites such as websites and intranets. Let me help you get your messy website under control!

Read about my information architecture services.

Interaction design

Interaction design is about workflows, processes and interfaces that allow people to easily achieve their goals with an interactive system. It needs someone who can manage the big picture and the pixel-perfect detail at the same time. Guess what, that’s me.

Read about my interaction design services.

Expert reviews

I can review your website, intranet, interactive application or business system to identify potential usability issues and opportunities for improvement. And I’ll do it quickly and politely.

Read about my expert review service.

User research & usability testing

User research is the process of learning about the users of your website or application, understanding what they want to do, how they work and how they think. Usability testing is putting the system in front of people and seeing how well it works for them. Both help you to ensure you design and build systems that are useful and usable.

I can teach you how to do it, or do it for you.

Read about my user research & usability testing services.