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Usability for rich internet applications

Originally published by Digital Web Magazine: Usability for rich internet applications After struggling for years to design Internet applications around the limitations of HTML, I have been very excited by the recent release of a range of Internet applications with

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User-centred design in practice: Is it working

In this OZCHI industry keynote I talked about 3 things:

  1. my take on where the practitioner user-centred design field is currently up to
  2. a look at some of the neat apps practitioners are interested in (and I didn’t say web 2.0 once)
  3. what I think we need to do to move forward

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What is usability?

This article provides an overview of what usability is (and what it is not). It provides ideas on how to include more usability activities in projects and the types of activities that are needed in order to create more usable systems.

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Identifying usability issues when testing

This presentation was for a software testing conference and discussed how to identify usability issues while undertaking software testing.

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Five ways to identify intranet usability issues

This article provides five techniques to identify likely usability problems in your intranet. Some techniques provide indications about where the main problems lie, others provide concrete evidence. Each technique can be used alone, or in combination to give you a

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Card-based classification evaluation

Card-based classification evaluation is a technique for assessing the usability of a hierarchical classification or a set of categories.Originally published on Boxes and Arrows: Card-based classification evaluation

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