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Communicating design

Design is becoming fairly mainstream, a part of many projects, and frequently discussed in the business press. But still many people think it is all about making an interface look better. Why is this still happening? Donna believes that there

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UX, UI, CX, SD, PD: Does it matter?

Designers often complain that other people don’t know what they do. Let’s explore why this happens through the lenses of social identity theory, category theory and linguistics to help understand why it happens and what we can do about it.

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Industry keynote: The current state of design and design education

In 2006 I gave the industry keynote at OzCHI. I lamented the current state of user-centred design, expressed concern that there weren’t enough skilled practitioners and suggested we should be focusing more on design and less on user-centred.Twelve years have

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How not to be evil with categories

Presented at the UX Design Group of Melbourne Meetup

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How to talk to Google Home

Lightning talk presented at Web Directions ‘What do you know’, Melbourne 15 March 2018

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Introduction to information architecture

From categorisation to content modelling, this four hour workshop will cover the fundamentals of information architecture. Using lots of real world examples, you will leave with an understanding of both the theory, along with the practical methodologies needed to get

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Lumping, splitting; us and them: How not to be evil with categories

As embodied humans we spend an incredible amount of brain power categorising everything we come into contact with – it’s our way of dealing with huge amounts of detail. As designers, we take this into our work – using categories

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Introduction to user experience design

More than ever, executives and managers are realising that the user experience (UX) of their products and services is crucial to the bottom line, and that that experience can be designed. As a result, it’s not only UX designers that

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Classification, cognition and the future of UX work

Come and learn about how categories, concepts and language work in our brains. An understanding of this is fundamentally important in any UX work that involves categorising, grouping and describing ideas with language. It’s only going to get more important

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From research to design

In this full or half-day, hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to move from a pile of incredibly detailed findings from research (of all kinds – user research, content analysis, business research) to an initial design. We’ll work right through a

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