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How to talk to Google Home

Lightning talk presented at Web Directions ‘What do you know’, Melbourne 15 March 2018

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From research to design

In this full or half-day, hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to move from a pile of incredibly detailed findings from research (of all kinds – user research, content analysis, business research) to an initial design. We’ll work right through a

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Designing for people

This full-day workshop teaches a set of fundamental principles about humans, useful for all types of design work – information architecture, interaction design, visual design and even industrial design. In the workshop we’ll look at: How our visual system works

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Designing and selecting components for user interfaces

The article is about how to make sure your components will be usable and easy to learn. It covers some fundamental cognitive principles and their implications for component selection.

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Interaction design masterclass

This masterclass will cover a wide range of interaction design skills, including how humans think (and why we need to know that); key interaction design processes and skills like sketching. It will be theoretical and practical and allow you to immediately apply ideas to your projects.

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Wireframes for the Wicked

In this panel, three experienced designers will share their tried and true tips for making wireframes really work. We’ll talk about how to sketch a wireframe on the fly to demonstrate an idea and how to create a standalone wireframe deliverable; when to show a concept and when to describe nitty-gritty detail; how to make a narrative wireframe and how to make a specification wireframe

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Interaction design in an age of AJAX

AJAX, Flash and other rich internet application technologies have changed the way we design interaction on the web – all for the better. Before, we had static pages with a few interactive pieces – form elements, hyperlinks and submit buttons.

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Usability for rich internet applications

This presentation explores Web 2.0 applications and some of the traps associated with designing for these newer forms of interaction.

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Usability for rich internet applications

Originally published by Digital Web Magazine: Usability for rich internet applications After struggling for years to design Internet applications around the limitations of HTML, I have been very excited by the recent release of a range of Internet applications with

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Interaction Design: Principles, process and practice

This workshop provides attendees with an understanding of user-centred design and improved interaction design skills via a combination of theory and engaging activities. Real world examples and practical activities are used to reinforce theory.

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